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Approach grafting for JBP nebari improvement

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I have heard people mention approach grafting seedlings onto older JBP as a means of nebari improvement.  Does anyone know of a documented source print/online that details how to do this?  Is it as simple as making a groove in the large tree and fitting the seedling into the groove, or do I have to cut into the seedling as well and line the cut part of the seedling with the groove in the mature tree?   Thanks.


I've seen an interesting technique documented in a few different print publications.  One of them was in Kawabe's book, which is Japanese language only at this point.  I think I saw the same technique in another English language book/magazine recently.  I'll check tonight.

The basic technique was to take a seedling with a low branch, cut the apex off and form into a flat point for grafting, leaving the low branch(es) to keep the seedling growing.  Then cut the trunk of the main tree with a sharp chisel to insert the flattened point.

Looks like I misremembered, the article in question was on juniper, though I'm not sure it wouldn't work for JBP as well.  If you're willing to experiment, let us know how it works.  :)

Otherwise, I would suggest the same technique used here, using seedlings instead of the connected branch.

Where are you located?

Pittsburgh, PA.  You and I are in similar zones, if not the same exact.  I am curious how the trees would fuse.  Could I perform a thread graft with 2 year old seedlings?  Just feed the roots through the hole instead of the norm of pushing a maple(other deciduous stock) trunk first through the hole.  Would the seedling and stock eventually fuse or no?

Ok, I just read through your thread.  I assume it is critical to expose the cambium on both trees to ensure a union?


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