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Approach grafting for JBP nebari improvement

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Yes, and be sure the cut is deep enough into the main tree so that the scion/seedling makes a good bond and doesn't force itself out.

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Is there a follow up on this thread yet?
Would it be possible  to completely renew the rootsystem of a JBP by approach grafting seedlings?
Will the seedlings thicken enough to make believable roots?

Funny that you should ask, dirk.  I have spent the last two weeks repotting all my JBP stock.  I have been growing from seed for 5 years so I have many trees of various ages.  My oldest seedlings were not seedling cuttings, so about half have pretty sub-par nebari. Some I was lucky enough to get nice root development, but the others I knew would be poor material without some serious intervention.  I used a couple 2 year old seedlings to approach graft on the 5 yr old pine bases.  We will see what happens in a couple months when I check in on the grafts.  If they do take, I might just let the grafts run wild as sacrifice branches to build very large bases.  This is my first attempt at grafting a pine, but the process seems pretty simple and fool proof.  I made a pretty deep notch on the parent plant. The seedling fit in semi snug. I scraped the side of the seedling that was going to fit into the cleft, and I stapled the seedling in place. I  then covered the whole thing in wound sealant to keep the graft moist. I am hoping for the best, and I will keep you posted!

Do you have some pictures of the process?
I ask because this black pine will be on my bench soon and I don't now for sure if the nebari is good.
I'm also growing JBP from seed and plan to grow some seedlings for improving the nebari.
So I ques I better do not make cuttings of a number of seedlings to make them grow faster and make straight roots.

So, how'd it go?  Are you able to discern results at the mid-point of the season?


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