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John, here are the four views before any work was done to the tree. After this tree was damaged I didn't have much hope for it as a bonsai. But as the years go by it's looks are improving. If you look close at the pics you can see where it has healed over the initial break. I have always imagined the deadwood side to be the back...never really see dead wood on Green Maples. But now that you ask I think I should look again.

Here are the same views after I removed the sacrifice branch on the top. Like I said in the earlier post, I can't throw away useful material  so the original top was air layered two years ago, a new leader was pulled up (you can see the wiring scars) and allowed to grow freely. But now that I look at again....maybe i will make a nice diagonal cut just above the first branch(really second) and the take that back to the first little branch on it. The only thing is not really any branching low on this tree. But it will sprout new growth and then I will not have to grow out the wiring scars. What do you think?     Don.

I think that's a good idea. Make a short, dramatic tree. That is exactly what I would do with this material.

Leo in NE Illinois:
any follow up? Is this tree still alive? Did the graft take?

Hey Leo, Funny you should ask. Been busy and putting off working on this one. The first graft opened up and leafed out nicely , then about late spring the branch died back to the sight of the graft. So... the next winter (late) i made a second attempt. Here are the results. Enjoy, Don.


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