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You can see from the previous post that I shortened the main tree apex to get better taper. Just cut back to lateral branch and wired it up. The branch that i pulled the whip from has grown out of control, and you can see the stub of that whip if you look closely above the graft site. Here are some close ups of the graft after I cut the whip back.

I thought this one would make a nice little Mame cascade, so after removing it and potting it up...I tortured it just a little bit. It is still crude and I will allow it to grow freely this year to set the structure/shape if the main line of the tree. You can see that I left the stub of the root as I cut it. I will clean this up next spring to get rid of the lizard mouth. I will post more pictures later, its raining here today, but both main tree and root graft are alive and healthy. Thank you for asking. I had of course taken these pictures to post the update but just had not taken the time. I find this site (BSG) very inspirational to me and only hope that I can contribute a little interest and inspiration back to others. Thanks, Don.

OK...just looked at the last post I did. My wiring skills are not as bad as it looks, yikes! This is a recycled piece of wire and I tried to place it loosely so as not to kill any of the graft and minimize scarring. Its ok to laugh at it...I certainly did! Don.

Leo in NE Illinois:
Great job. I like the cascade from the root. Nicely done. It will be a great little tree in 5 or so years.

Thanks for posting. I learned something from this.

Your wiring is more uniform than mine, nothing to be embarrased about.

You are inspiring me to try my hand at grafting. Thanks


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