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Three point California juniper

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John Kirby:

As someone who likes to set up displays that "look nice", I truly understand where you are coming from. As someone who really likes the highly stylized japanese art forms, I tend to like the bold. Not being Japanese, not able to speak Japanese and certainly not a practitioner of Asian religion(s), I certainly don't try to "get the meaning" of most truly Japanese displays- it is not from my sphere of experience.

I base my appreciation of displays on how they make me feel, how well laid out they are and by their, to use an old Bird watching term- jizz- that "movement or attribute" that lets you identify what you are seeing even when you can't make out the details ( aclasic birding example is that you can almost always ell gulls from terns by their movement- even hundreds of yards away.

Nice piece.


Thanks Irene, I spend about 5000.00 a year in travel alone between my state board obligations and demo's I do as well as the convention and motel stays during some of the exhibits I go to. It is a lot of money to spend to simply take 50 photo's to post to a few discussion forums.

I do enjoy the journey though.

GSBF Convention XXXII Riverside is right around the corner. I sent my convention package to Joanie Berkwitz Monday. I need to call her, I forgot to write down what I signed up for, doh...what a dope.


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