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Nick Lenz blurred this line a lot - some  bonsai are the display, some displays are the bonsai, and some are inseparable single pieces. Maybe it is off the line you want to take, but the are a bunch of pictures still on The Art of Bonsai.

Owen Reich:
Sure, Nick is one of my favorite artists; he first studied the Japanese ways then broke new ground.  I guess what I'm really looking for are photos of displays that haven't gotten a lot of public exposure.

Wow! I'm loving that!
I never dreamt that the presentation of bonsai could be so inventive.
Rethinking every thing now.


Joshua Hanzman:
Not sure if you have given this talk as yet since it is still early in October, but here is one I found on the blog you told me about,

Owen Reich:
Interesting.  Thanks


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