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Formal Blue Atlas Cedar

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I suppose I have steered this post a bit away from the purpose of this particular forum. We may need to move it. Here's the tree as Boon brought it home in January 2003:

Here is the tree repotted, and I believe this was June of the same year. Repotting this tree included using a saw to cut off the bottom half of the root mass which exposed a solid mass of clay in the center.

Thanks very much for posting these pictures.  You ended up inspiring me to look at blue atlas cedars at my local nursery last weekend, and I ended up finding a tree similar to Boon's with lots of low branches.  If it comes out half as nice as Boon's tree, I'll be very happy.

art rodriguez:
what type of soil mix do you use ?
i have a nice large one growing in the ground right now and plan to lift it out in a couple more years or so.

I'm going to guess it's in the same mix most of Boon's trees are in, akadama/pumice/lava.


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