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Tenth Place
Peter Tea

"Summer Days"

Just before bonsaiTALK went down Vonsgarden (John Kirby) had talked of a guy in San Jose that had studied with Boon. He spoke of him as an up and comer. We invited him to participate and he did. His tree, a Bouganvilla was extraordinary. All the blossoms were the same size and distributed all over the tree. The stand was nice and accent adaquate. a small bronze snake was displayed along side the accent. I did not see this untill later and felt it may have turned off the judges being a little kitsch. Being a tree with flowers I feel that a scroll with kanji saying summer days would have really helped make this composition sparkle.

Eleventh Place
John Roehl

"Soon Shade and Rest"

This piece was very nice. Once again I did not get it at first. Someone told me that the scroll depicted noon day sun. Then it all started to make sense. The lonely Japanese wanderer is seeking the shade of the grove of elms from the blistering heat of the noonday sun. Simple and to the point....I like it.

Twelveth Place
Katsumi Kinoshita

"Memory of Mount Fuji"

Kats is my teacher. He is an old Japanese man around 78 years old. He has had a hard life being a landscaper most of his life. This old Monterey pine used to be so much more beautiful when its lower two branches were intact. About 4 years ago something went wrong and he could not save them. They died leaving the skeletons of years past. This display depicts a time when an old man can look at a mountain and remember his youth in a land far away. Bonsai is all about provoking feeling and I can feel what he feels when I understand the language.  Back bent, and broken withered limbs but a spirit and memory to last a life time.

Thirteenth Place
Fresno Bonsai Society

"Spring in the Sierra Nevada"

In the other forum this display garnered no discussion at all. I wondered why? Is it so perfect that no one could say anything, or was there so much wrong that no body knew where to start?

Maybe this time it will stir some discussion. I will leave it to you all.

Fourteenth Place
Fred Miyahara

"The Joy of Spring"

I have to say that of all the displays this one I did not get. I didn't get it even when I was told what it was from the artist. It is a four point display and not very well executed. The trees are the same size with neither dominating. The chojubai quince while used as an accent seems the larger of the two and that makes it all the more difficult to figure out. I didn't get the stone at all and I feel this is a case when "maybe one more piece will turn the tide in my favor" The scroll was too little and the root stand was too "over the top" for my taste.

I didn't see spring here. Maybe flowers on the quince would have changed my mind...maybe not.



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