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Yamadori Glory!

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Went and colleted a bunch of stuff yesterday.  The take was mostly larch, and a few spruce.  The samller larch are gonna be grown on for future forest plantings.  It was a fun day, but I forgot my camera in the truck.  My buddy has all the photos from during the dig on his camera, and I will post some as soon as I get them.  For now I have some shots of the trees after they were unloaded, and some that have been potted up. 

Today, we are going to measure and build some boxes for the larger trees.  For the time being they are wrapped in wet sphagnum and burlap as they rest in the shade behind the house.

The maddock, single prong weed plucker,  three prong garden rake, and garden shears proved to be the most useful tools of the day.

here are some of the smaller larch that we potted up last night.

and a couple of the bigger larch and another spruce.


Looks like a good take.  From where were these collected?

Looks like a lot of straight trunks.  Any movement I'm not seeing?  Plans to chop?


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