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What is your ideal aftercare set up look like?

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Geez man not cheap is right.  But  thank you very much for this link and the info. 

Jason E:
Hi Yenling,
A friend of mine makes his own timers, It's basicaly an arm on a pivit w/ a piece of screen or cloth at the end. This is placed under the misters. as the screen gets wet the wieght of the water collected on the screen lowers the arm breaking the contact w/ some sort of switch shutting off misters. as it drys it raises back up making contact and turning on the misters again.
if your interested I could ask him some specifics and pass it along.

p.s. get out for any collecting this year?


Owen Reich:
If you want to go that route, there is a product called an "electronic leaf" that does the same thing.  Not as cheap cost-wise as what JMEX is suggesting of course, but likely more reliable. 

I used those when propagating perennial and annual cuttings; they tended to keep things a bit too wet for tree and shrubs even though some are adjustable.  Also, watch out for spider webs forming on/in them as they will cause mist to stay on  :o.


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p.s. get out for any collecting this year?


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Thanks for all the feedback from everyone.  I did got collecting this year and collected IMO my best Sierra Juniper.  It's big and heavy to move, and I'd like to move it at some point to get a good picture. 

From my limited experience as a collector(only a few years) that as long as you collect a pocket tree with lots of fine fiberous roots, they seem to do well when you put them directly in full sun in a tight box of pumice.  Misting is a good thing too.  I have not had good sucess collecting non pocket trees and will not attempt anymore.   


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