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Ways to collect elm in rock

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"can get my hands down under the rock so I am pretty sure the rock is not the tip of the iceberg. The fear is that if you pry the rock up, the tree stays anchored to the ground and the rock rips up through the trunk and trashes the tree."

Cedar elm can take DRASTIC root reduction. As long as there are a couple of finer roots and some root stubs left after collection, the tree should be fine  -- if you can get it into an adequate recovery container or in the ground elsewhere.

The rock complicates the whole collection process. Moving that rock into a training container large enough to accommodate it is going to be a very big deal. The whole package in a large enough container is going to weigh hundreds of pounds, I'd bet. Exploring exactly where the roots are is going to be key.

hi i believe yoy must water the tree slowly and if the water came out then the plant  is in the rock or otherwise must be in the ground


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