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Old boxwoods

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I found some old boxwoods that I can take, which have 4 inch trunks that are short and have great nebari, so I want them to do well, but the book I read suggests building wooden pots to put them in after collection, which is a lot of work. Is this necessary?

I collected 3 in March with 4" trunks and potted them in boxes made from 2x4s and they are doing great. FWIW...

Yes, building a box is work. But... You are collecting a boxwood that has been in the ground for many years. You will be cutting away some of the roots...possibly more than you should. The grow box will be a recovery location for the tree. It will live there for a few years and hopefully grow new feeder roots near the trunk. Then you can gradually move it to smaller and smaller containers.
Bonsai is extremely rewarding. It is NOT quick or necessarily easy, and yes at times it is a lot of work.

Where do you live? Can you find and join a Bonsai club. There you will meet local people who might just help you.
Just my two cents
Good luck and post some pictures

I would assume that the boxes need to be made from un-treated wood, but can they be plywood? On this website I heard someone mention a bonsai society in Summerville, which is near me, and I will look into that.

This box is for a couple of years. Should not be pressure treated and only needs to be as good looking as you need it to be. Remember, do you need to bring it in for the winter? It will need lift points or handles and a strong enough bottom so it doesn't fall apart. Also you will need to secure the tree to the box. I prefer not to use plywood but I guess it could work. Make it just big enough because you have to fill it with soil.
That all said I am in northern Vermont. My growing needs are way different than yours. Check out that club and join... You will not regret it, nor will your trees.


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