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Old boxwoods

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I'd just put them in 5 gallon pots or, if the nebari is too wide, 14" plastic pots.

Well, 5 gallon pots are probably not going to be wide enough. Your are trying to spread out the roots as much as you can and plant shallow. Even if it would fit in a 5 gallon pot it would promote deeper growing roots.

I'm sure there's someone knowledgable in the area.  I went to Summerville to spend time with Ron Martin about 7 years ago.  Its my understanding that he was a driving force in the Summerville club/group, but he passed (too early) a few years ago.

The reason constructed boxes are recommended is that these collected trees need to be stable and will be in the same location for (potentially) several years, recovering from collection.  Having a sturdy purpose-made box (not TOO big; its been recommended to put them in the smallest container that'll hold the rootball post-collection) allows us to do that.

If you need a hand (and we can work things out) let me know,

I have collected close to 100 boxwoods (taking 15 more this weekend) in the past couple of years without putting any in grow boxes, and only managed to kill one. Six or seven weeks ago, I collected 25 boxwoods with trunks ranging from about 2" to 4". I put some in 5 gallon pots and others (the ones with the widest nebari or multiple trunks) in 14" plastic pots that are maybe 6" or 8" deep. Coming into mid-October, 24 of the 25 have been thriving, and the one that is not had been torn out before I got there, left out without water for a week, and had only about a 6" root ball. If they are regular Japanese or American boxwoods, I wouldn't worry about putting them in growboxes for a long time. Just nothing extremely shallow. I'm less sure about Kingsville, but if they have 4" trunks, I'm guessing they are not Kingsville.

I'm in Zone 10, which affords me a little more leeway, especially this late in the season, but even in Zone 8, these things should do fine in pots.

This is the kind of pot I put most of mine in. They cost me about $3 apiece at the local farm supply.

What are the forum's reservations about pressure treated wood? I've had 5 4" trunk boxwoods in boxes made from pressure treated wood for 2 years and they are all doing great. Something I should know?


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