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Old boxwoods

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John Kirby:
I use treated lumber for my boxes. ButI tend to make them larger. Any pot can work fine if it has the room to hold the roots and enough new medium fir the roots to grow. The final caveat is that you need to be able to tie the trees in.having the tree secured in the pot prevents those whoopsies from happening down the road.

Personally, I prefer boxes for stability, especially when the trees grow strong and get a large mass of foliage.

Charleston, I am a member of the Summerville Bonsai Group. We have a small group of faithful Bonsai-ists. Would love to have one more. I know this reply is late, but we may have some containers if you are still in need. To reply to the matter of pressure treated wood, years ago the process used  a copper-cianide agent, nasty poison. But it found leaching into the ground at childrens playgrounds, so the EPA pushed to change the agent, now a copper-silica agent is used. Now that being said, I,have no clue as to the effects of copper silica on trees. I have used treated limber to build Bonsai boxes and have not lost a tree or seen any slowing of growth. Respectfully, Don.

You can use big plastic bags, just make sure you punch allot of holes in the bottom . Use black plastic garbage bags. And keep them out of the hot sun in summer.
Qualicum Brian


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