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Need help with collecting oaks

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Owen Reich:
Looks like beaver cuts to me.  They generally have parallel lines and rounded tops to the cuts.  I could be wrong.  I've collected many "beaverdori"  ;D

Adair M:
Around here, the lakes are controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers.  They are extremely protective of the shorelines.  You (even owners of the property) are not allowed to do anything to any woody vegitation.  You are allowed to mow grass, but not prune, maintain, or remove any kind of tree or shrub.  And their definition of "shoreline" can extend up onto the banks for hundreds of yards.

Even if you don't get caught in the act, if the Corps sees evidence of tree removal, they may file an action against the owner of the property where you removed the trees!

speaking of beavadori...can anyone id this for me?

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John Kirby:
JW, what state are you in and what kind of lake is it (man made, natural, natural ox bow, etc). Some of the most interesting trees that I have ever dug have come from lake edges- and the federales didn't descend, and oh yes, unlike many I always get collecting permits (where required) and pay the fees. You have a couple of real gems there, just need to be sure to get them done right (and legally).

Thanks John.  I live in Bella Vista, Arkansas.  man-made dams. 


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