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Need help with collecting oaks

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John Kirby:
When you are comfortable with collecting the Oaks, dig them and place them in good sized nursery containers with a good light soil mix. It may take several years for them to get good and strong, or because they are being placed in a better environment they may take off quickly. You will likely have a multi year repotting program to reduce the tap and develop surface rooting. Good luck.

I think like John said, Dig them. They will get pulled and destroyed before they grow bigger and messs with the structure of the dam anyways.. Get a bonsai magazine with pics of raw yamadori and finished trees and show it to the nearby home owners and you may even get some help. Offer to plant anything else of there choice in those spots such as wildflowers, etc. Beware that you may get some owner that suddenly thinks those "beaverdories" (Owen, your a crack up!) are worth big bucks if you show them a pic of what they can look like in the right hands in 20 years.
 Or better yet, contact the closest Bonsai club and you will probably get a good idea of how to go about it. If someone in the club finds a safe, legal way with proper methods to dig those, its worth letting them have one of the 3.
Do you know what kind of oaks those are? oaks are my favorite material but I'm from Los Angeles and I'M not familiar with any of the "Quercus Rednecki" species ::)
Good luck and happy new year!!

I am Oak fan.  Have seen it said they should be repotted or roots messed with in winter(now?).  Also need to be sure to get as many fine feeder roots as possible while shortening tap root as much as possible.  May take years of root work to get into a pot.  Look like good trees to collect ;).  Would be happy to do in your place.


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