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Need help with collected cedar elms

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I Have several cedar elms that were about to be bulldozed so I collected them on the spot. As expected there are very few fine roots. I am thinking they are suckers from a larger nearby larger tree. I had to sever a large root they grew from that was at least as wide as the trunks. I soaked them in a bucket of water for several hours then potted in a 50/50 mix of sphagnum peat and coarse decomposed granite.
I plan on misting daily to keep them from drying out. Anything else I can do to help them survive other then wait till spring to see if they bud out?

Larry Gockley:
You did not say how big the trunks are or how short you cut them off. That big root you cut was probably the tap root.  All the cedar elm I collected, in the hill country, I took home, (  at the time ), to south Texas where the warmer climate had them push new growth in about 4 weeks. I never lost one. Farther north, here in zone 8, it may take longer than 4 weeks but we still have mild winters, and it is important that they don't dry out  in the warm days. Misting will help, as will cut paste, and an anti-evaporation spray like Cloud Cover. Cloud Cover is not easy to find, but if a local nursery sold cut christmas trees, they may have been spraying them and have some left. Good luck Larry

Make sure there is no way for them to budge in their pot.  Wire them in, use guy wires to cinch them down, ...whatever you have to do. 

John Kirby:
If they still have leaves, wilt-pruf works well, and seal the cuts- even if you just use elmer's glue to prevent the branches and areas around trunk cuts from drying out.

There are 5 cedar elms with trunks ranging from 1/2" to 1 1/2"
I will get to work sinching them down. They are in between a fence and the house so protected from wind. There is a large tree overhead for shade. Wiring them down is a good suggestion. You never know if a dog or kid might bump into them. Does movement during rooting shock them or break new roots?
I have them in really well draining pots.
Thanks Everyone!


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