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Collecting in Zone 7a

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     When is the best time to collect in Nashville? I have been told that late summer early fall is a bad time to repot, But one website has all of their trees panned to ship in September because the trees are dormant.   ???

Owen Reich:
Really depends on species.  Fall if you can do your best to keep the roots from freezing.  I do most of my deciduous collecting as buds swell and conifers a little later.  Have collected now but aftercare is cruvial; I mist the foliage and keep in shade.

I have found a mame that has a taproot as thick as the trunk. It is deciduous. When I collect it in the spring, how would I deal with the roots?

Owen Reich:
Tree may need a larger container after taproot is cut and any small roots left can grow on.  If no roots possible upon removal, treat like a cutting with rooting hormone and such.

Where is the best place to collect wild trees? Are there still places one can do that?  :-\


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