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Burning Bush please comment.....

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Thanks JK.

There are some buds set at the top of the top, it never had time to break those, it went bottom up.

Soon as they extend I can grind right? Or is there a better time?

I left those basal shoots to keep it alive. Broke one practice wiring and it ramified perfectly. 

Short a couple English privet stumps, I haven't seen much transformation work on such material.

Welcoming all comments and Ideas still!

Thanks all!

Thwarked a trunk.(with the baer grills wire saw)  And buds on top!

Still not sure where to take this.

Please comment. Even simple like, "burn it", would be completely welcome. :)

What would you do with this stump?

Brian Van Fleet:
Grow it like a flame/clump-style until you no longer enjoy it.

Good luck getting those cuts to heal; probably best trying to keep them concealed with foliage and keep as many to the back as possible. I had a euonymus for several years and it would not close wounds at all.

Owen Reich:
Branches lignify very quickly.  I have three large trunked ones.  I'll get a photo of them one day when home.  Old branches don't bend down well; they shear off taking a piece of trunk. Clump style can be nice but with early wiring, other styles are possible.

I'll 2nd (3rd?) the clump/flame style.  These trees are stunning in the fall!


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