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Bald Cypress and Water Elm

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I had the opportunity to get in the swamp this week with my buddy Ken.  Our main objective was to find 50 or so seedling water elms to use as part of a demo this fall.  While we were nearby, we decided to take a quick paddle on Lake Marion for a few pics.  Our demo in the fall will hopefully be inspired by this setting.

The second pics is a mass of BC seedlings from 2-5" in trunk diameter growing in about 1' of water.  These trees are very young and lack the nice fluting and flaring for which this species is known.
The third pic is one of the largest water elms I have seen in the swamp.  Lots of seedlings grow here when the water levels are low enough to get at them.

Although I wasn't sure if we find anything collectable where we usually find water elms I did come home with this one.

Something you may notice that I am doing a little differently is I put collected BC straight into the bog garden of my koi pond.  This is the second season that the bog has served as a collected BC and Pond cypress nursery.  I have been very pleased thus far with the results.  A little fish poop does wonders for bringing back the vigor of these trees after collecting.
The first 3 pics are different views of the same tree.
The fourth pic is a pond cypress with amazing taper...It was collected a couple weeks ago but has been slow to respond...its just now showing the first signs of budding.

Someone asked about some of the other cypress I have in another are a couple...yes that is 55 gallon drum in the pic...all of these spent time in the bog...they were collected last season.  Spent the summer fall and winter in the bog.

My bog garden is simply a gravel filled area next to my pond (maybe 6-8 surface sq ft and about 16" deep) which I pump water is typically used as a vegetative and biological filter for the koi pond.  A few years ago I stuck a couple tiny cypress seedlings in the bog just for 1 yr they went from pencil size to about 3" bases.  That caused me to say...hmmm..I wonder what would happen:)

I think my next project is going to be a water table in which I create a shallow basin...maybe 40-50 sq ft and 4-6" deep.  I will circulate water from the pond to supply the table....  hmmm...can you say aquaculture bonsai:)

Have you done any more collecting again this summer?


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