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4 hours and a few blisters

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--- Quote from: van nguyen on September 10, 2014, 12:34 PM ---So what does the rest of the bsg community think?

I think by the look of your hand, you weren't much of a digger before. I am willing to trade even a few more blisters for those nice olive trunks like that.  Update us with the new progress.


--- End quote ---

HAHAHA, well I am a software developer for a very big insurance company, so yes I don't do much digging except once a year in collecting season :) and yeah I would've traded more blisters too hehehe luckily my right hand is tougher than my left, otherwise it would have blisters on too

best regards


--- Quote from: JoesBonsai on September 10, 2014, 03:49 AM ---Nice dig Herman ;) Really like the movement on the 2nd pic.
Mine started 3 weeks after the dig
Good Luck

Keep Well

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Hello Joe :D

thanks, I'm worried about the left hand tree, it had very little roots because it was kind of entwined with a very large stinkwood tree...but I know they can survive a dig with very little roots if treated right

keep well too my friend

kind regards

my fiance's olive is starting to push buds(left hand tree), mine is still dormant but alive. we may have a sulker here :)

will post some pics when the tree is in leaf

kind regards

Hope it's just sulking! 

I hope so too Judy :) thanks

I checked the state of the roots yesterday by gently scraping away the medium with my fingers ans saw some new fine feeder roots coming from the trunk and big roots that I cut off, also the trunk still has live thick cambium right up to the place i sawed off the trunk. So I'm of thought that the plant is sorting out its root system before it starts pushing new growth on top...still it may sulk for years before pushing growth on top...

fingers crossed
kind regards


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