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Carving Hollows

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Tree NUT:
I was always hesitant to try to carve! I did tree work for years once you cut it off it is gone NO CRAZEY GLUE HEAR.

I love Gram Potter carving demos.

Hears one link there is a lot of good ones.

Hope it helps?

how does someone get in touch with dale to purchase tools

You could PM him here.

Jim Doyle at NaturesWay Bonsai also has a nice selection of does Dale Cochoy.  He did a demo at our show in Aug.
Here's a link to the video if interested. 


Dale Cochoy:
I have the largest selection of power wood carving tools for bonsai in this country.
You can PM me here, email or visit me on facebook at either Dale Cochoy or Wild Things Bonsai and Yakimono no Kokoro Bonsai Pottery.



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