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Carving Hollows

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I am looking at moving up to a die grinder from a dremmel and was looking for a US based seller for the bits that Graham Potter uses in that demonstration.  If anyone could direct me to a website, I'd appreciate that. Thanks!

Mike Pollock:

Graham is coing to the US in October for a week of work with private clients. I'm sure he'd be glad to bring some and we could mail them to you when he gets here. Of course, he sends orders to the US all the time now that I think of it.

I got mine from Dale Cochoy, he has a great selection.

Dale Cochoy:
I sell these carvers, and MANY others, right here in the good 'ol US of A.
I have the LARGEST SELECTION of bonsai power wood carving tools for sale in the USA.


Dale, how do I find your store?  I tried google, but it only led to old, broken links.  thanks.


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