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Carving for smooth healing?

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--- Quote from: Chrisl on January 20, 2014, 10:58 AM ---Sorce, here's the website:

I paid no taxes, import fees or anything.  I simply paid the price listed on the webpage.  Took delivery 2 wks later vis SMS shipping.

I've bought lg and small wire cutters, scissors, tweezers (drop forge), grafting knife and their sm. saw.  All SS.  The quality is very impressive!  (And yes John, I've changed my mind over to the dark side regarding grafting! hehehe)

Upgrading from black steel Koyo that I bought as a set in the 80's for less than $100 if I recall correctly.  Wow, prices have sure shot up 'just' over 34yrs LOL
i just placed an order from kaneshin this morning i love those tools there is nothing negative i can say

--- End quote ---

 ;D  Very cool!  I'm glad that worked out for you Sorce!  Now the hard part, waiting  ;)

And then the Harder part,,... not using them Constantly!  ::)



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