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Carving for smooth healing?

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A thought....
Look at Spherical Concave Cutters. The lade is somewhat rounded, it is 'almost' like a cross between concave cutters and knob cutters. I find them extremely helpful with cleanup cuts on large branches etc.
I would be interested in the thoughts on these by other members.


I already watched all the Graham potter vids!   ;D

Hey Chris.

  Any $, or any other info about import taxes etc. Would be awesome. I'm a wee nervous about more $, I'm not prepared for. Rough duty estimate?  I. Really want to give their "excellent" customer service a go.

I hope to get those spherical cutters by spring!

Thanks all!

Sorce, here's the website:

I paid no taxes, import fees or anything.  I simply paid the price listed on the webpage.  Took delivery 2 wks later vis SMS shipping.

I've bought lg and small wire cutters, scissors, tweezers (drop forge), grafting knife and their sm. saw.  All SS.  The quality is very impressive!  (And yes John, I've changed my mind over to the dark side regarding grafting! hehehe)

Upgrading from black steel Koyo that I bought as a set in the 80's for less than $100 if I recall correctly.  Wow, prices have sure shot up 'just' over 34yrs LOL

Awesome thanks Chris!

I just couldn't commit without knowing.

Can't wait to have clean cuts.

Got word back from Kaneshin. Looks like I'll have some clean cuts soon!

Thanks again Chris, I'm way excited!

Concave (Branch) cutter Small Round Edge/ Weight 305g" No.4S    1 pcs   6 090 YEN
Tree Sealer " Cut-Paste" Large 500g (Total 764g including the package) No.155H 1 pcs   1 890 YEN
soil Grader with 3pcs mesh "Diameter 21cm,Weight 250g" No.145S   1 pcs   1 260 YEN

Weight 1319g

Shipping cost (SAL  ) : 3200yen

Total : 12440yen


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