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Carving a prunus

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Jim Doiron:
Thanks for the feed back everyone. Owen, it will be the final angle but I'm planning on repotting it this spring and was hoping it would give a better idea once I see where the live roots are and how much of the dead ones have to be carved off. I also don't have photoshop on this computer anymore (damn you OS X update!! >:() or I would play with some ideas and post them.  I would love to know what your ideas are. Thanks again.

Owen Reich:
The roots will play a factor for sure.  Something around 30-60.37 degree tilt either left or right I think would be nice; depends on final "front".

60.37 huh? sounds about right ;)

Jim Doiron:
i'm sorry I just noticed that in my last post I said, "it will be the final angle..." what meant to say is that is will *not* be the final angle due to the reasons I stated before.  I can see what you're saying about the 30-60deg idea, it definitely seems it needs a dramatic tilt. The spring soil flush will tell all. thanks again.

Jim Doiron:
SO this one has pushed out a few more future design possibilities this spring.  I was hoping to repot this year but didn't have a good pot for it and it seemed like it was begining a good period of recovery and renewed strength so I decided to wait.  Looking at it last fall a new "front" struck me as a possiblitly so I will play around with it where it is.  Thanks


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