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White pine jin placement

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I'm impressed with your reply. I think it is hard to ask yourself those questions about your own trees.
I think its hard to look real objective at your trees.
As hard maybe as seeing possible improvements in an already very good tree. I remember Walter Pall saying:
Good is the enemy of better!

John Kirby:
Walter was paraphrasing Jim Collins among others, any one have an ancient Greek or Latin source? Was an OK book.

I did not say that Walter invented this statement, just that he sad it.
I think he's right though.

John Kirby:
The jin in its current form doesnotwork for me, shorten or as John said add movement. Not sure about this approach fo bending (or straightening?) green wood.

The lower jin is a little jarring.  Its longer than it has to be, and and the movement is somewhat distracting as well.  I think it would be drastically improved if it's movement complemented the lower trunk.  (It doesn't have to MIRROR the lower trunk ...and might be better if it didn't.)


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