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John Kirby:
Bob, here ( is one from Akio Kondo 3 years ago, and yes the wire is still on and may be coming off soon. Also, Chris Johnson posted a nice little video of Suthin working on a shimpaku with a jack (I haven't found it yet, will look). The key point with all of these approaches is that guy/restraining wires are require to hold the bend in place, and appropriate protection has to be applied at the point of the bend.

Joshua Hanzman:
Suthin is coming to DeepCut Bonsai Club (my home club), next year post-MABS... I'm debating whether to pick an eighty+ yr old chinese juniper I collected from a train station near me (they let me take 3, I swear :) or a 40+ kingsville (bartered 5 of these landscaped kingsville for the work of me building a retaining wall, not a bad deal since it was the first time I ever built one).

The reasons why I'm unsure are because
1.) the chinese juniper is his bread&butter species (as I understand it)
2.) shohin is his bread and butter size (as I've heard in my club)

 Not sure if you meant this one John, but this is an elegant little tool :) I would like to get one of these, anyone know a generic name for this?

Owen Reich:
The masakuni benders are good.  I use the red rubber covered one a lot (don't know the maker).  I'm bending an old jin with aluminum foil and a blow torch tomorrow  ;D.  I'll post the process on my blog and may link it here.  Super easy and all you need is a pair of pliers and a lighter.

Don Dunn:
I just purchased a version of this tool from Stone Lantern , I have not gotten it yet but am anxious to give it a try.
Nice to see it in use on this video . Thanks
Bonsai Aesthetics Heavy Duty Extra-Large Branch Jack 16"
List Price: $89.00
Our Price: $69.00


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