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John Kirby:
With all of the ramrod straight foemina's in So Cal how did you get one with a curve??????


I live very close to you and if there arent a half dozen clubs rock throwing distance from where your tree is sitting, then you dont live in pasadena.  You have descanso bonsai soc. santa anita bonsai soc. baikoen bonsai soc, southern breeze bonsai soc. sansui kai bonsai soc, and some I probably forgot. All those clubs have many people with some of the most bonsai experience in the USA. Some of the people reading this post have to drive half a day to meet with other ametuers and they would blow up a bus load of Jerry's kids to have half the resourses you do. Look those clubs up on google, bring your tree to the meeting and you will get more help than you want. This actualy a beautiful piece of material ( I recently won a similar foemina at a descanso bonsai club meeting that was worked on by Marcus Juniel as a slant. You can go to their web site, click on the april newsletter and see a pic of the tree before and after with me in it). Also, this time of year it seems like there is a bonsai show somewhere in L.A.  every weekend and you can get help there.
 Like everyone else posted, your tree is a natural informal and no need to fight it. You can go to fuji bonsai nursery 20 minutes from pasadena in sylmar (Roy Nagatoshi's nursery) and have your pik of about at least hundred foeminas in all sizes and get one that is naturaly straight. I think his prices are very good and he gives lessons almost every sat morning. Ted Matson (my teacher) and Jim Barrett also give lessons in pasadena. Good Luck.


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