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Bending a Western Juniper

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Irene, this is just one way to perform a major bend.  I've seen it used on collected junipers, mostly. 

Perhaps Hans or one of our other members will detail the procedure for one of the other methods for major bending?

Victrinia Ridgeway:
This technique is excellent on most any conifir species, and is generally a must with any large sized collected material. It's rare to find really large trees so perfectly compacted (and going in the right direction to boot) that they do not require this kind of method. Daniel teaches much the same process but I am curious what you used to cut the channel...?

I find, and have been taught, that maintaining contact with the tree at all times when using a die grinder increases your control. But I also would use a 3/8 core box router bit for this process. It is easier to control.

Nice photos also...

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Thanks for the comments.  Very good advice, and great to hear how others do it.  Tools for the operation were a Makita die grinder and a CMT biscuit joiner blade on, I believe, a router shank which helped keep it on track (mostly).  You're absolutely correct though, much easier to control while in contact with the tree.  :)

Once the channel was carved the interior was cleaned out and rounded with a round bit.

I have never seen a bisquit joiner blade used. While I use my joiner to build my stands, I never thought to use it for trees. A picture of the application would be nice to see how it is used.

Thanks, Al


This is likely the best picture I have:

I'll check again tonight to see if there's a better one.


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