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What do you do when you're done repotting

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This is the first Saturday since Feb 1st that I have not been repotting. Got up at 3:30 am, left the house at 4:00, drove for 3 hours and met up with my daughter-in-laws 2 Aunts and trekked off into the woods to hunt Morel mushrooms. I was also looking for native Missouri woodland plants to use as accents and ran across this little beauty. Had a great day. The morels are about 3 weeks earlier than normal.


So, what's so special about mushrooms (of any sort) that you wake up @ 3:30 to go traipsing off looking for 'em?

John Kirby:
It is a Midwest thing- used to go looking for them in eastern Nebraska....... Worth the hunt.

Morels are hunted around the world. The are one of the earliest edible mushrooms to come up. They are collected from the east cost to the west coast and are very expensive if you can find them fresh and pricy even dry. They have a wonderful flavor.


Cool Rob, I've never seen fresh ones before.


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