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Some accents and a Mame & netsuke

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There is a lot of information already written on accent plants,

I’ll admit that I have a book on kusamono, a term used when the planting is displayed as the center of attention according to Wikipedia. I also consult a book on Green Roof plantings as these plants are known to grow in shallow soil. I do have other accents which are simpler, dwarf Hosta, dwarf Maiden Fern, Selaginella or spikemoss. A small tuft of Carex and some small flowering plant to suggest a season, or a place. Right now personally I might be more concerned with finding out what plant combinations I can grow, or what has a long season of interest. Matching them with a tree is not always successful. Size, color, and feeling all need to be taken account of.

Traditional plantings would be of small plants from the area native to the tree on display. Where is the line between kusamono and a contemporary new direction? Not that this is an example, but given the horticultural availably.

Owen Reich:
Gaultheria procumbens is in my opinion way under-used.  4 seasons of interest and remains evergreen.  Seen it happy in the ground to Zone 6 personally.  In a container, likey more sensitive (like most plants). 


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