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Scouring Rush

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Zach Smith:
One of the neater things I'm growing right now.  Horsetail bamboo, otherwise known as Scouring Rush.  Not the dwarf variety.


That's a cool bamboo Zach!  I also love the black bamboo variety.

Zach Smith:

--- Quote from: Chrisl on July 24, 2011, 09:18 AM ---That's a cool bamboo Zach!  I also love the black bamboo variety.

--- End quote ---
Thanks!  Haven't heard of black bamboo.  I'll have to do a search for it.


It's easily available in California.  Slow grower, very dark bamboo stems...just a beautiful variety.  Bummed I never bought one when I lived there. 

Owen Reich:
This is Equisetum hymale.  It's not a bamboo, but an ancient type of plant considered a "fern ally" since it has no flowers and reproduces sexually by spores.  I heard somewhere there used to be giant ones that covered the planet and were the precursors to our fossil fuel.

Cool plant though.  We display the regular sized ones in octagon pots in Summer generally for the "cooling" feeling as the main item in the tokonoma.  The dwarf variety works well for display with bonsai.


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