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Very enjoyable. You need to come with us next year. JRob

Jason E:
very nice, thanks for posting.

Owen Reich:
I'd like to take a moment to plug Kusa Farm.  It's owned by Shannon Salyer in Knoxville,  while he is talented with the creation and display of bonsai, he's specializing in provision of show ready kusamono for bonsai exhibitions.  You can find him on Facebook or I can provide contact info if anyone would like to have it.  Working on getting him involved here.

He'll have a few stand alone kusamono in the National Show along with his shohin displays. 

Kusamono artist Young Choe will be at the Prairie State Bonsai Society show this August 1 & 2 held at Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois.  She will do a demo and a workshop.


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