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Hostas in bloom

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Here's a few foggy pictures of some of my dwarf hostas.  The first is "Blue Mouse Ears".  The others?  Anybody have any guesses?

Also, any tips for shooting outside in hot/humid weather?

I love that last pot.  Sorry, I'm no help with any identifications.  (Hang on to the labels when you buy 'em next time!)

As for photographing hot/humid weather, just give your camera/lens time to acclimate to the temp/conditions.

Owen Reich:
Difficult to I.D. the dwarves.  You can use the flowers sometimes to trace parentage but i'd check Plant Delights Nursery's website or get their catalog.  Just don't blame me when you spend a mint on new accents ; ). 

No tags or labels on any of them, I'm afraid.  I think I purchased these during the Nashville show at Cheekwood a few years ago.  I'm assuming the last two are the same, or very similar.

The pot is from Cass Bonsai Gardens, Chinese import, I think.

I'll be sure to check out Plant Delights.

Owen Reich:
John, you got them from Barbara Bogan then.  She may know.  Visit the nursery in Raliegh in spring if you can.  They have something like 8,000 different plants.


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