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Hostas in bloom

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--- Quote from: Owen Reich on June 06, 2011, 06:41 PM ---John, you got them from Barbara Bogan then.  She may know.  Visit the nursery in Raliegh in spring if you can.  They have something like 8,000 different plants.

--- End quote ---

Not directly, but they may have originally come from the Bogans. I think they were at the booth across from them, if I remember correctly. They'll be in town next week so I'll see if she knows.

Ok Owen, now I'm mad. Plant Delights catalog came in the mail today. I've dog-eared a handful of pages already!

Owen Reich:
I spent $300 on just Tricyrtis formosana and T. hirta cultivars last time i was there.  I warned you.  Actually studying kusamono in earnest lately as my teacher's father used to make a ton.  There are very few strictly kusamono nurseries in Japan.  The best one I know of is Kaiko-san's.  She apprenticed at Mansai-en and is based in Tokyo but can't get over there any time soon.  She has some great books though.  In the states,  I highly reccomend my friend Young Choe: She lives in Florida.  You, or anyone else should have her up to teach some time.

Hosta are difficult to identify if there is no real distingushing characteristic - unusual shape, cupped leaves, ruffled leaves, streaks, varigation, colored stems, rippled leaves, etc.  Many green hostas look very similar and some of them can only be distinguished by hosta experts.  Your miniatures are nice, but with no real distinguishing characheristic it's going to be tough to figure out what they are.

(I have a few hundred hostas in addition to my bonsai).


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