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Dwarf irises


I picked up a couple of dwarf iris accents last year at the spring show at the National Arboretum which flowered pretty nicely this week so I snapped a few quick pictures.  I'm not hugely into accent plants, but they can be a lot of fun, particularly when they put out some nice color like this.

Pots are by Erin pottery.

Hmm, I have several small pots of dwarf irises, but none have bloomed yet this year.  It could have something to do with the non-stop torrential downpours we've been having?

Thanks for sharing.  I hope it stops raining soon and I get a chance to share, too.

Hey John,

We've had a ton of rain the last few weeks here, but that didn't seem to stop mine from blooming.  Frankly, I don't do much with these guys except water and feed when I water and feed my trees.  They are pretty low maintenance, and I probably have triple the number of stalks that I had when I bought them from Julian Adams last May.

I bought a few other accent type plants last year to play around with, with mixed results.  Some, like my bloodgrass and mini hostas did very well and are coming up strong this spring.  I pretty much killed all my sedums, and almost managed to kill my dwarf horsetail, but it is coming back now.  I'll post some pictures of my hostas when they flower.


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