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--- Quote from: Owen Reich on July 21, 2012, 07:21 AM ---My interest in kusamono has gone from innocent interest to full-fledged addiction.  I see a very big gap in the quality and quantity of kusamono in America.  I may actually learn how to post pics on here.....  Anyone have something original or rare? Perhaps using natives or in a creative container?

--- End quote ---
Did you say "creative container."?

What can you tell us about that planting?  What's the container and what are the plants?  How long has it been planted?

It looks like a piece of corrugated metal...

"It looks like a piece of corrugated metal..." It is...we call it roofing ;)
A fairly new composition. Australian violet and blood grass.

Here's an older one with more mochi- komi. 4 years and 9 years in the tray.
Vaccinium reticulatum. Endemic to the Hawaiian chain. Ohelo berry.

The only example I've seen as kusamono.

The 1st pic didn't make it. Trying again.


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