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That's a really nice pot.  I had a similiar one with a crab that I traded for sevral other pots and stock.
Kei on eBay always has some great shohin pots up, and Keiichi has been very friendly and helpful to me in the past identifying some pots by stamp.  I'm sure he would be helpful with Motozo info if you email him jrob.

Hello again Jrob.  Mr Keiichi has the following to say in regards to this post about Motozo:
"I didn't know that many people are talking
about me and my listing pots. I was very glad to see this.  Thank you for
But someone misunderstand about Motozo. He isn't dead yet. Still alive.
Just the designer of his pot (Mr. Yamamoto) is dead. Motozo is not a special
bonsai pot potter. He is a specialist of guinomi, yunom, tea pots, Chawan
for tea ceremony.  Mr. Yamamoto ordered Mr. Motozo to make bonsai pots."

A little insight into why thy the Motozo pots are prized and rare, perhaps.

John Kirby:
Keiichi is very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. I have been able to pick up a number ofnice pots through ebay and directly.


Thanks for the info. I keep detailed records so I am always grateful when someone can provide such useful information.




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